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Our first product is a cheese.

In fact, it’s an incredibly versatile cheese that can be pan-fried, cooked and grilled and is made of only three natural ingredients. Find out now what other product ideas we have!


Where to buy LiebKost.


Get a Taste of LiebKost.

We want to give everybody the opportunity to get a taste of LiebKost. That's why we're now cooperating with lots of great Berlin restaurants: Their chefs will experiment with our cheese for four weeks and offer their creations amongst their daily specials.

Proudly untrimmed.

Quite right, the top of Liebkost cheese doesn’t come out of its mould perfectly smooth. Trim the edge so it’s straight? Now, now. We prefer minimal cutting and less waste. So, don’t be alarmed when the cheese inside your pack doesn’t look as straight-edged as you would have expected.


Join us on our journey.

We're searching for a path towards a sustainable future. If you want to find out more we're happy to tell you all about it.

About us

Hello, we’re Liebkost.

We have two passions.
First: good food made with good ingredients.
Second: real advancement on our vision of a more sustainable life.


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